Catchup…Centerparcs – Oct 2010

 In October we went to Centerparcs Nottingham.

We hired bikes and a charriot for Sophie and cycled everywhere. Bottoms were a little sore as the week went on.

Nottingham CP is looking a bit tired now, and site traffic took the shine off the ambience, but overall it was a good break.

There is a super play area for toddlers next to the lake, with a water play area, little slides in the tropical pool and we had some cygnets come to the our patio as well as the usual greedy geese and ducks to feed. 

We stayed in a refurbished lodge, which was generally good apart from the lack of space for anything in the kitchen area.  There was NO SPACE to store food…for a self catering location it seems a bit of an oversight.  On this occasion we hadn’t taken much food as we’d decided to cook as little as possible but if I’d have taken my normal 3 crates of food for the week we would have had a problem.

Perhaps visitors to Nottingham are more likely to eat out? I dunno, just seemed odd to us.

Anyway, it was only 1hour 15 mins trip to get there so very easy to get there and a good little break before our forthcoming ‘Super Sized’ trip.

2 thoughts on “Catchup…Centerparcs – Oct 2010

    1. ainleys

      Yes, I think it was an archimedes screw – there was a lot of industrious activity and teamwork from the childrens getting water out of the giant tap and up the screw to the top. Soph was facinated, but just liked getting really really wet…!


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