Catchup from September – Chessy goes to uni

August 19th, 2010, 7am.

Results day. Chess has planned to go to college with Gemma (aka her wife) to pick up their results.

BBC news reports UCAS website down and phonelines gridlocked as volume of students trying to get places in clearing.

Somewhat surprisingly,technology has indeed moved on in the last erhhghhh coughs (18) years and now results are sent direct to each uni on the Tuesday, places decided on wednesday, offer letters are posted / added to central website then on Thursday students simply log onto ucas or even get a text to offer them a place at their chosen establishment.

Needless to say, I’m up and wringing my hands, stopping urges to drag Chess out of bed and force her to log on to get her results. Have to wait an hour and a half before the texts from her mates getting in to uni wake her and she logs on.

Site down.

Have cup of tea, more texts arrive.

8am – More doom and gloom on tv as uni’s have been penalised if they offer more than their quota so many less places in clearing. Chess’s chosen course is popular and there are no unis offering the subject through clearing. It’s shit or bust folks.

9.30am – still no access. Chess goes for shower. I start to feel sick.

10.25am – get access, no results but AN OFFER!!!!! We jump about and hug. Chess rings Guy and a little tear may have been shed. I cried 3 times in anticipation earlier so get through tear free. Oh my god-the clock is ticking. 3 weeks to U day!!!!

Next 3 weeks are crazy. Student bank account, confirming accommodation, laptop, bedding, towels, kitchen, bathroom, food, stationary, the list seems endless. There may be a few lists laying around…

Sept 4th 2010. Moving day.

Early start. Chess has requested nice breakie so we have eggs benny, waffles and bacon. Yum!!!

Car packing starts. Everything in boxes so guy gets car packed in record time.

10.15am. Soph and I say goodbyes and they set off loaded to the gunnels to pick up Jan.

Lunchtime. Moving party arrives in Liverpool. Jan left to guard the belongings as Guy and Chess move stuff up to new room.

Mid aft. All unpacked, go for coffee and mum and dad say goodbye.

Guy gets home earlier than Soph and I as we’ve been amusing ourselves in Leeds and came back to a flat so have to wait for a new tyre.

When little one is in bed, we raise a glass to some top notch organisation and pat ourselves on the back for getting her there.

Now we just keep our fingers crossed she likes it and her course! Pics to follow.

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