Night out at the Harrimans

Yesterday we had an afternoon play / evening dinner date (and stay over) with the Harrimans – Helen, Paul, Charlotte and Olivia.

The day started slowly as unfortunately we didn’t have our streamlined and organised heads on, but instead our “everything takes twice as long as it should” heads on…so it was a challenge just getting going and getting out of the house.  Mind you, it’s usually because we leave packing up until the morning of going, then Sophie merrily unpacks everything as fast as we can pack it…then waits til we’ve got her fully dressed, with shoes and coat before she fills her nappy and requires everything taking off again.

Sophie napped on the way over and on arrival Paul wandered out to help carry baggage and food contributions into the house, while the girls and Helen waved us in from the living room windows.  Sophie decided Paul had come out to give her a royal welcome and sprung into his arms virtually from waking, which is virtually unheard of for Sophie, and Paul was chuffed to get a cuddle so soon.

The girls played together nicely all afternoon, and Helen made them an early tea of wedges and sausages.  Charlotte and Olivia were ready for bed by 6.30 as they’d not napped in the day, and Sophie followed at 7 (although it took Guy a while to get her off to sleep in a strange place (as usual).

Helen made a super tea of indian marinated lamb & chicken, rice and salad and we contributed chocolate fondue with strawbs and pineapple for afters – yummy!

After much chatting, red wine and a cheeky Vodka Martini (made by Guy for us ladies) we hit the sack and luckily the girls all slept til 7am (hooray!).

This morning we scoffed piles of toast and crumpets and ambled back via Brighouse - Sophie had an early nap and then instead of waking, opted to stay asleep snuggled up on me.  I was then FORCED to watch telly and do nothing else of course ;-) Such hardship.

After lunch, Sophie decided she wanted a mid afternoon bath and then wanted to do some potty practice, so she’s now playing lego in her vest and a pair of pull up pants.  Although she is showing some signs of wanting to use the potty, she’s not quite got the idea of sitting down on it for more than 3 seconds, so we’re just letting her practice until the warmer months arrive and she can run around sans nappy.

Eventually, we’ll have a couple of photo’s to follow, but they’re on Helen’s camera, so not available today.

2 thoughts on “Night out at the Harrimans

  1. grammyandgumpa

    Hoorah! I’ve found your blog at last and I’ve been catching up on them all and looking at all the lovely pictures. How exciting. More tales of our beautiful grandchildren to read and all the great photos too. What lucky grandparents we are!


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