Some new photos – April / May

Not much writing but lots of photo’s this time. Bit under the weather here, so am laying low and Guys being a fab “looky after” husband.

Job situation not improved, need to decide whether to sit it out for some redundancy, which may appear in a timely fashion around Feb 2011…bit of cash might be nice for a big trip we’re planning… ;-)

Or, whether to get a new job now, but it’s not so easy as it will probably be Leeds, involve a commute and is not ideal – but is also not depressing on a daily basis. Probably a state of mind decision, may need to kick myself up the bum or just stick a HUUUGE pic of New Zealand on my desk to get me through it if I stay!!!

Garden is coming on very slowly, if you all fancy coming to stay for a few weeks just to give us a hand in the garden that would be just fab, thanks. Otherwise, it will continue at a snails pace.  Photo’s attached.

We have most of the tools and stuff to do the left hand side of the garden.  It’s clear of strawberries, we have weed suppressant, most big weeds out, plenty of cardboard to put down.  We need to order Sophie’s little house soon – I am off middle two weeks in June so it will be mini grand designs time!!!  Today, I potted two pots with dwarf sunflowers and french marigolds (multicoloured).  I bought some tumbling toms to go in the tall pots we have, probably with more marigolds to keep the bugs away.

Sophie is giving to gardening effort with one hand and taking with the other…In a moment of what can 0nly be called a school girl error, I asked her to help me to pick all the dandelions out of the lawn (in lieu of us doing a weed and feed on a rainy day). So, now she thinks that we have to pull flowers up each time we go out into the garden. I can’t even point out a flower before she’s stooped down and ripped it’s tiny head from it’s stalk – then gives it to me or just shreds it in front of me.  It’s almost as bad as having a cat that brings dead mice in as a surprise for you…sigh.

So, this year I’ll post pictures of flowers I plant and then please visualise them a day later bald and sad, denuded of their flowery tops :-(

I’m going to have to creep out in the dead of night to pick any veg we grow, otherwise she’ll be pulling stuff out by the roots.  Mind you, shouldn’t be surprised – last year Guys sister had the skelton of a tomato plant after Sophie picked all the tomatoes off it – green and red.  That reminds me, it’s not just flowers she’s eating. It appears she is related to Hugh Fearley Whittingstall.  She’s developed a nasty habit of eating random wild stuff too.  We thought we were over the eating things phase, having has some months without it.  Then, last week, she ate the tops off a bunch of dandelions. The next day she lay on the floor and chomped the top off a random weed in the field.  She was then surprised when I scooped her up and hooked it out of her mouth…I fear for the worms now – we’ve been watching Gruffalo (a lot) and there’s a frog that eats a big worm…you’s think we didn’t feed her!

Anyway, off to upload photo’s.

3 thoughts on “Some new photos – April / May

  1. fitzhughs

    Lovely lovely photos! The photos of her with her hair off her face are so cute… Well done for wrestling her substantial beufont into submission. ;-)

    You’re absolutely right about the job. It’s a headspace thing. You have a level of convenience at the moment (through close location) that you are loathed to lose. At some point you’ll let it go and everything will be much easier to think about.

    Lovely to read up on what you’re doing. In the (paraphrased) words of Dory “Just keep blogging, just keep blogging, blogging, blogging, lalalalala”

    Lots of love

    Bro and da girlz

  2. grammyandgumpa

    I agree about Sophie’s hairdo with the fringe combed back. Daddy F didn’t even know it was Sophie at first! I think she looks so cute. Smashing photos. Lovely to see the beginnings of a garden emerging. Keep it going and well done. Don’t know what you’ll do about the job but something usually turns up just when you least expect it. We’ll keep everything crossed for you.

  3. larafi

    Have only just managed to get on here – but thank you for the lovely photos! I feel for you with the garden. The only reason I have flowers and veggies growing in an orderly fashion is because the North Walsham Ground Force contingent have done two big days of work, one on the front, one on the back, recently. Hope you are having nice weather too!


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