Todd Saville stays for the weekend

Todd Saville is the Nursery bear. Each of us takes it in turns to bring Todd home for the weekend and look after him.  He arrived with us on Friday with a hat, shoe bag, jumper, toothbrush and ‘handbag’.

In an unsusal event, Daddy and Mummy were out Friday night having a romantic meal, so Gemma the baby sitter looked after me and Todd. We were very good for Gemma – she did puzzles with us, then read 3 books and sang us some songs before we went to bed. I LOVE having Gemma to look after me…she’s good fun and makes me laugh.

Saturday morning the sun was shining so we decided to take Todd to Manor Heath Park.  As it’s close to our house, Mummy let me take my little pushchair and I pushed Todd nearly all the way to the park.  I showed Todd around my park and he enjoyed the swings, slides and see saw.  After a long time at the park we went for a drink and to share a scone at the park cafe. I shared my Strawberry milk with Todd and Mummy had a coffee.  We saw mummy’s friend Eowyn and her little girl Verity.  I introduced Todd to Verity and Verity showed me her bear too.

Once we’d finished our drinks we went to look at the terrapins in the ‘Jungle Experience’.  There aren’t as many as before because someone has stolen lots of them.

There are lots and lots of little quail birds in the jungle though and there where some big butterflies as well.

When it was time to go home we felt really really tired and so Mummy said she’d push both of us back up the hill to our house.  We had a nice nap and then Daddy made scrummy chilli – I ate a lot and Todd sat in my high chair and had spaghetti bolognaise.

On Sunday we all went to Ikea. Mummy grumbled all the way round because it was busy and she’d sworn never to visit Ikea on a Sunday although her and daddy said she was making an exception as I was getting a special present today so I was quite excited.  I really like going to Ikea – it’s like 100 little houses all ready to poke around and look in the cupboards. I like picking stuff up and running about but today Mummy said Todd and I had to stay in the trolley as it was too busy, so I just talked to her all the way round and asked lots and lots of questions. We picked up some boxes and Mummy said it was a kitchen, but it just looked like a cardboard box to me.

At home Daddy put everything together in super quick time and I spent all afternoon playing with a brand new tiny Ikea kitchen.  Mummy and Daddy also bought a little table and chair for me to have in the living room because I like doing my jigsaw puzzles and drawing a lot at the moment.  Here are some photos to show you our weekend:-

One thought on “Todd Saville stays for the weekend

  1. grammyandgumpa

    I just logged on to see if anything new was to be found and here it is. Judging by the date it’s been here a while so apologies for not responding. Thankyou Sophie for telling us so nicely about your weeked with Todd the bear. It sounds as though you looked after him very well. Love your hat and mitterns by the way.


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