Badgers Nadgers

This weekend was the penultimate in a line of busy weekend appointments.  With an attack of the January Blues, I got a bit carried away and filled up all our weekends with socializing – only to be knackered by week 3, and just wanted to go back to bed rather than be sociable. Nevertheless, we pulled up our socks this weekend and got organized.

Guy took Sophie to see Grandma and Grandpa Ainley while I set about the house, with a pair of rubber gloves with a cleaning mission in mind.  By the time Guy got home at 1pm I’d hoovered the entire house, including ALL the stairs, cleaned downstairs bathroom, cleaned kitchen and tidied the living room. Needless to say Guy was amazed and I was pooped!  We chilled out a bit in the afternoon and Sophie watched Bugs Life for the gazilianth time.  Then, after tea, Guy put Sophie to bed and I set off to our new Morrisons to do a “big shop”.

Our Morrisions is spanking new, but in an area as rough as a bears arse, so a Saturday night visit was a little daunting.  It was very quiet and I sped around, getting some good grub ready for our next batch of socializing.

Sunday morning I chopped root veg and seared a leg of lamb and wedged it all in the slow cooker.  By the time our friends Helen and Andy arrived with William (nearly 2) and little Ellie (2 months) the lamb was falling off the bone and the veg braised to perfection. We served it with a large salad, “made” by Sophie, crusty bread and small crispy cubes of roast potatoes.  The kids stuffed their faces and seconds were the order of the day.

I remembered to get the camera to take some snaps to show you all and to our dissapointment the screen had at some point been cracked and it no longer worked…so no photo’s for anyone! We got the camera on honeymoon when passing through Singapore and Guy thinks we should go back and get another ;-)

When I say Sophie “made” the salad – she emptied a bag of salad in a bowl, took bites out of half of the tomatoes and cucumber she was supposed to be putting in the bowl and then proceeded to put all the leaves back in the bag!!!  Still, it kept her busy, and she’s available to anyone who wants the seeds sucking out of their tomatoes before they go into the salad ;-)

This weekend we’re off to Carson and Nicoles for birthday celebrations and Sophie has a party on Sunday.  We haven’t sorted anything for Sophies birthday yet, but we have the day off so will probably go to an aquarium to see Nemo and Dory on the day and maybe do a soft play centre with a few of her small friends one weekend soon.

We’ll take the big camera or use a phone camera to ensure we get a few good snaps!

2 thoughts on “Badgers Nadgers

  1. grammyandgumpa

    Goodness me, all that cleaning, you mad woman! :) I love the thought of Sophie sucking out the tomato pips and pre-tasting the salad. Bless her little cotton socks. I printed off a couple of photos of Sophie to send to Nanny B. One is the picture of her rearranging the Christmas tree baubles which I absolutely love because you can see the absolute absorption in her face. It might not even get to Nanny B. No that’s just bad, I should just print another copy for me. Presumably Sophie’s leg is better now after her fall?

  2. ainleys

    We hadn’t cleaned since new year…it was getting a bit “How clean is your house”…without any crawling beasties ;-)

    Thankyou for printing some photos for Nanny, we’re going to do her a little photo book soon.

    We think Sophie’s foot/leg is nearly recovered – she seems to have a slightly odd gate still but it’s improving everyday and we’re keeping eagle eyes on her. nxxxx


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