Visit to Frystonites

This weekend we visited the Frystonites (aka Carson, Nicole, Aaron and Ethan). We were ill prepared, quite literally, as Soph has had a big snotty cold since Wednesday and had had us up every night, and we’d taken to just falling asleep on her floor when she needed us, we were that tired.  So, after consulting Dr Maddock (Carson), we were instructed to come anyway, safe in the knowledge that if she kept the whole house up all night we would not be struck off the christmas card list.  Carson was slightly worried about our coffee intact on arrival (probably cos he wanted to crack open a beer), but we eventually got the kids to bed and had a fab Lasagne cooked by Nicole and lashings of wine.  After choc tart and some good chat we retired to the living room and I was soon rumbled for falling asleep on the sofa… Guy and Carson saw in the next day with some game playing, al la the old days, although neither woke quite as fresh as they once might have done.  Sophie woke at 5.30 and was having none of the shussshing & gentle patting hand that appeared in her travel cot.  Even a snuggle in bed and Pingu on TV didn’t keep her from bouncing around like a loon, so we got up and started our day.  Carson cooked banana pancakes, and we had cheeky stuff like nutella on them…very yum.

Sophie’s early start caught up with her quite quickly and she needed a nap, so we bundled her into the car and said farewell and thankyou to our hosts.

Needless to say, she was asleep in minutes, snoring gently from the back of the car!

We had a few hours of quiet at home, and then it was off again to Noah and Eva’s birthday party at a soft play centre.  We ummed and arrred about going, as Soph was still full of cold, but we told her it was party time and she perked up, so off we went.  As it was late afternoon, we left early and let her nap, and when we arrived, she woke, looked around, grinned, clapped and off she went…our busy little bee.

We all slept very very well Sunday night!

One thought on “Visit to Frystonites

  1. grammyandgumpa

    Goodness, how many colds has that poor little babba had? She must think it’s a permanent state of affairs. Glad she managed some bursts of energy so you could all enjoy your outings. Sorry about all the broken nights. Just hold on to the fact that one day she’ll be a teenager and then you won’t be able to get her out of bed. :)


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