More Lurgy?

Yes, we are having one of those months with baby lurgy. Just over a crappy cold, 3 new teeth arrived all at once over the weekend and now sent home from nursery today with suspected Chicken Pox…again.  She had it last year, I think just after the holiday, or just before. Anyway, apparently recent recearch has indicated 75% of children under 5 don’t get immunity from the first bout and can catch it twice (or more)…plus there may actually be more than one strain. Anyhow, she has a couple of chicken pox like spots on her bum and we are waiting to see if they’re pox or just spotty botty! The jury is out, we will see over the next 48 hrs. She won’t thank me for saying it, but her bum was a bit spotty anyway, so it’s hard to tell!!! (sorry Soph).

When not being unhappy with lurgy, Sophie’s language skills are amazing us every day.  She built a tall tower the other day, out of lego, and prounounced loudly and proudly “I did it”!  We went to a new toddler group and she was kind, confident, took turns and made a lovely finger paint picture – very proud.

She has an Usborne bedtime book and points at the people, saying ” a mummy”, “a daddy” etc… her sentances are now 3 and 4 words and we are simply amazed how much she learns every day – she is definately now a little information sponge!

So, 2 years old next week and we are planning a trip, just the 3 of us, to an aquarium as a birthday treat – sharks, Nemo, Dory and the Jellies are top priority.  No party planned, last years small party for her NCT baby friends was too much and our dining room is just not big enough!

Photo’s soon, Guy bought a new camera to replace the broken one.

3 thoughts on “More Lurgy?

  1. grammyandgumpa

    Lovely Skype this morning. It put me in a good mood all day.:) Isn’t it great when little ones start to talk? I think your birthday treat to the aquarium is a smart move. I agree that parties can sometimes overwhelm very young children. This way she gets all your attention and treats too. Does Guy look extra handsome with his fresh haircut?!!

  2. ainleys

    Ahem, I think it was me that was overwhelmed by last years “party” actually…plus, it was just the children playing not even a full on party! You only need 3 kids, with parents and we’re full…


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