Birthday Treat

Well, following on from the last blog update, spotty botty turned into nothing, but Sophie has continued to be under the weather.  She’s had a rubella like rash this week, but we think it was maybe just a random virus rather than the real thing – she’s had her MMR so unlikely to be the real deal.  Then, as those spots faded, more arrived of a larger and angrier nature – looking again like Chicken Pox but not turning into the typical blisters. Decided a docs visit was in order and saw a lovely chap who agreed prob just a viral rash / spots.  Poor lamb also had swollen lips and sore mouth as well, so has been a bit miserable.  We’re all very tired as she’s been disturbed by all this each night, probably for 3 or 4 weeks now – so a good sleep is needed by all!

Still, Sophie’s birthday arrived and we adopted some ”Dunkirk Spirit” for the day, determined to get out and keep to our plans as we had a rare day off as a family.  We dosed her up on medicine and set off to the Blue Planet, near Cheshire Oaks.  Sophie was so obviously excited when we got there, I cried and then that made Guy cry too! Our little scamp spends so much time tearing around when we go anywhere it was priceless to see her actually excited about the place we’d decided to take her.

On the way home we picked up an M&S valentines meal for Sunday for ourselves and headed home. Traffic wasn’t our friend and just as we rolled up to a traffic jam near Halifax, Sophie puked all over herself – probably more to do with self indulgence of mini jaffa cakes than anything serious! Anyway, we were glad to get home and she perked up no end once in the house.  The car seat covers washed ok ;-)

Pics of the day below, and some present un-wrapping.  Thankyou to everyone for cards and presents.  Sophie loves Croc – picks him up and says “Schnap Schnap”…doc kit and magic drawing are out everyday and today she met Buzzy Bee, a lovely painted pull along bee from our Kiwi counterparts.  Only just sent Christmas thank you notes, but hoping to get Birthday ones out rather more quickly!!!

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