Garden Day 1

I am off work for the next 2 weeks…hooray! As we are not travelling anywhere at the moment, with Guy in contract, I felt I needed some holiday from work – so booked 2 weeks off.  The first week Sophie is going to nursery her usual days and I am sorting the garden and preparing the groudworks and base ready for her little house to arrive (not yet built) on Thursday.  By Friday I aim to have the base built and ready to start building the house.  Week 2, Nanny and Grampy Fitzhugh are visting for summer fun so Sophie will have a weeks holiday with us at home.  Our local garden centre is packed with lovely plants so I’m sure we may have a mini mooch there, of course there’s the park, with it’s new cafe, to be visited and all sorts of other Sophie friendly things depending on weather.  Oooh, and there’s the gig that Guy and I are going to next Wednesday – Greenday if you please…in Manchester…how cool are we??? (thanks to Nanny and Grampy in advance for babysitting services).

So, I’ll be taking some pics throughout the week so you can see progress, or lack of it…

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