Garden Day 2…

Today started early as usual, about 5.20am.  Guy left for work, with some cold and flu tablets as he’s feeling poorly – sounds much like the virus I had a few weeks ago.  I took Sophie to nursery, then Chessy to college for her first A level exam – Drama.  Then I returned home and set about some gardening. First thing on the list was my bush. Yes, you heard it, it was causing some trouble – every time I got out of the car it got in the way and made my clothes all wet.  An age problem I hear you say? Well, no - I should of course point out that the bush I refer to is the one that borders the car parking space…so, 30 mins later bush well and truly  trimmed.

Next, back garden.  I cleared the remaining strawberries and raked the ground.  Then, I brought the base through and set it out.  I knew there may be trimming required here as well, and sure enough there was a fence post in the way. Why is there always a fence post just where you don’t need it? The house will be fine as the base is nearly 1 foot bigger all the way round to provide some drainage, so we can trim the base as per instructions and it will still be good.

Photo’s below – I’m writing this at 12.27 and the rain has set in – not sure how much more I’ll get done today :-(

Also, as there’s sawing required, now need to borrow a workbench from a friendly neighbour.

Oh, and have just remembered how much I hate DIY. It’s not the DIY itself, it’s the fenceposts type problems that make an hours job last 3 days with a load of head scratching, debating and diagram drawing…sigh…

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