Somewhere over the rainbow

Today Sophie’s little house arrived. You can’t imagine my relief when I saw it was prebuilt in panels that are to be screwed together!!! I was envisaging having to build the whole bloody thing! I have to say, so far service from the company (Waltons) has been top notch. They obviously have a good “process” person and their sat nav is up to date – 2 things that are sadly lacking in mail order these days.  They emailed to confirm, then called yesterday to check I was still ok with delivery today, checked best number to contact me on and a very polite man called 30 mins before arriving and lifted the little house into the garage. I’ve read the instructions and there are only 9 or 10 steps in all, not including treating it but Sophie thinks it’s hugely exciting! Comments on the website from customers say the house is watertight so lovely for both summer and winter.  It is however a 2 person job according to instructions, so we’ll be doing it during nap times and evenings over the weekend.

I have a few more pics to add later. Weather is due to look up at the weekend, so fingers crossed for productive house building.  Daren’t put up the raised beds and plant them up until the house is up, just in case it doesn’t fit and we have to move it…but seeing as we have some greenfingers visting next week, I’m sure by the time I go back to work I’ll have a new smart garden with herbs and veggies.

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