Toddler Trouble

Monday morning, Sophie and I were getting dressed and we decided to have a race to see who could put their trousers on fastest.  Sophie ran off into the living room to shove her pj bottoms on and I speedily stuck my jeans on.  All of a sudden, I heard a bump and a cry and there was Sophie laying face down on the floor with both feet still wedged into one trouser leg, crying her eyes out.

From what I could see, she’d stumbled and tripped over her potty as well.  Poor little thing.

 She took longer than normal to stop crying and was unhappy about putting her foot down much, so I gave her some painkillers and we put a dvd on to see how she coped.  She was fine until the evening, when she stopped putting weight on her bad foot again.  We couldn’t see any bruising or marks and she went to bed quite happy.

Tuesday morning, work morning, Sophie once again won’t put her foot down properly even after painkillers. After talking to a nice out of hours nurse, we trooped off to the docs to put our minds at rest.  Soph pottered around the docs surgery only putting her heel down and not her whole foot so we were smartly sent to A&E for an x-ray.  Apparently “non weight bearing” in a child is an automatic reason for an x-ray.  There we spent the next 5.5 hours…

The upshot, a long long morning of constant mummy entertainment, reading, playing, waiting, and much more waiting, pacing with the pushchair, then an x-ray…She has no broken bones and has either bruised or sprained it – as I thought.  So, how do you keep a toddler still to heal a poorly foot…yes, thats right, you don’t…it may be a while more hobbling until it heals me thinks. On the upside, she was remarkably well behaved the whole time and I was all puffy proud of her for being a big brave girl.

One thought on “Toddler Trouble

  1. grammyandgumpa

    Oh Nicky, what a worry these little tinkers can be. But you’re right, you have to get them checked out. You’d never forgive yourself if you didn’t and something was wrong. And how right you are again that you’re never going to stop her moving around on her bad foot. I guess she would do that herself if it hurt badly enough, but she almost certainly won’t see any connection with the pain in her leg and her running about.

    Our love to you all and w ehope Sophie recovers full mobility very quickly. :)


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